Shattered Heaven Episode 0 "Prologue"

2013-02-10 20:12:29 by nikedrummer33


After, wow...11/22/10 is the last movie I updated. Well, anyway, I realized that I went about the original animated series the wrong way. It was done for an audience that had read the books, so they knew everything that was going on. That was a mistake. My bad. But it did serve a good purpose, I learned how to animate and continued to get better as I went along.

I'm still learning and moving forward, but I have started up the animated series from the beginning. Episode 0, which serves as the prologue for the series is now out. I'm going to be more active again and I'm looking forward to improving some more and getting this series going.

Glad to be back.

Check out the episode here -

Shattered Heaven Episode 0 "Prologue"


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